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My Woodworking Tools

Tool Reviews:
Much of the talk on the various online woodworking bulletin boards has to do with tools. I'll be the first to admit that I enjoy working with tools as much as I enjoy working with wood. Click on the pictures below for a (typically brief) review of the tool.

Table Saw: Sawstop PCS (review coming soon)

Band Saw: Rikon 18"

Utility Trailer: Harbor Freight 


Dust Collector: Grizzly G0440 Cyclone


Jointer: Grizzly G0490 8"

Planer: Jet 15"

Lathe: PM 3520b  

PM 3520b Lathe

Scroll Saw: Dewalt 788

Drill Press: Craftsman 15”

Compound Miter Saw: Delta 12" TwinLaser

Mortiser & Tenon Jig: Leigh FMT (review coming soon)


Dovetail Jig: Leigh D4

Sharpener: Tormek

Sharpener: Work Sharp 3000 (review coming soon)


Sander: Ridgid OSS

Ambient Air Filter: Jet AFS-1000B

Air Compressor: Kobalt 3.7 Hp 60 Gal 

Kobalt Compressor

Previous Tools:
These are some of the tools I previously owned but have upgraded to something new and/or different.

Previous Table Saw: Delta Unisaw

Previous Overarm Blade Guard: Excalibur

Previous Tablesaw Splitter: Delta Removable

Previous Hollow Chisel Mortiser: Jet


Previous Planer: Dewalt DW733

Previous Compound Miter Saw: Dewalt 705

Previous Band Saw: Jet 14” Closed Stand

Previous Table Saw: Jet Contractor’s

Previous Jointer: Jet 6” Closed Stand

Previous Jointer: Grizzly G1018HW 8"

Previous Lathe: Jet 1236

Previous Air Compressor: Devilbiss 5 Hp 20 Gal

Previous Drum Sander: Delta 18-36

Pervious Dust Collector: Jet 1100 Canister

Misc Tools:
I also have the usual assortment of drills, biscuit joiners, circular saws, etc. Send me an email if you have questions about that sort of stuff.

Last revised: 11/3/10

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