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Dewalt 788 Scroll Saw (1999ish)

Dewalt DW788. This was an upgrade from a 2-speed Dremel scrollsaw that brought much aggravation over the years. I avoided scrolling like the plague because of that saw. This thing is in another league. Scrolling is now a joy - quiet, vibration free, accurate, smooth. I often find myself opting for this tool in lieu of the bandsaw for critical cuts. I can usually hit a final dimension and avoid any finish sanding of the sawn edge. It's that darn good. I've also done a bit of intricate scrollwork with this saw and have enjoyed it thoroughly.

Update Jan 2005:
I've known about this lift assist for my DW788 scroll saw for a few years, but I've been too cheap to fork out the $20. Well now I'm faced with a new project that requires a good amount of interior scrolling, so I finally trekked to Woodcraft and bought the thing.

This is the best $20 I've spent in a while! It does what it says - holds the arm in the air for you so that your two hands are free to fish the blade into the work. Great little doodad, and if you've got a DW788 I'd highly recommend it.

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