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Ridgid Oscillating Spindle/Belt Sander (2001)


  • Very versatile to have functionality for BOTH belt and spindle oscillating sanding.
  • Easy to change between belt and spindle.
  • Belt is the same size as my PC belt sander (4x24).
  • The belt tracks well and doesnt drift off center.
  • The tilting table is handy for angled or mitered workpieces.
  • Has enough power to sand the tips of your fingers off (DAMHIKT).
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Dust collection isnt fabulous, but it kinda works alright.
  • Sometimes could use a larger belt and the ability to get the belt raised out of the table.
  • Could use a bit more power. It's possible to stall the belt if you apply enough pressure with the workpiece.

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