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Jet Air Cleaner (2003)

  • Works well at capturing the ďfineĒ dust that my Jet cartridge dust collector misses
  • The timer is great for letting the unit run after you leave the shop.
  • The remote is nice Ė no need to reach up to the ceiling to push buttons if you donít want to.
  • Iíve noticed much less fine dust covering everything in the shop. This has made a real positive impact on shop cleanliness.
  • Resonably quiet on Low and Medium settings. Fairly loud on High, but tolerable in the shop for short durations. I wear hearing protection when Iím using this on High for an extended period (like when Iím sanding).
  • Mounts are spaced to fit exactly on the underside of floor joists 32Ē on center.
  • Includes rubber isolaters that work exceptionally well at controlling vibration/noise transmission to upstairs. (see pics below)
  • Reasonably priced ($199)
  • Excellent manual with clear instructions

  • Hard to install by yourself.
  • 12x24 replacement filters hard to find (at least in my area).
  • 12x24 carbon filters hard to find and fairly expensive (~$40 from a Jet distributor).
  • The unit has buttons for on/off and speed, but it doesnít have buttons for the timer. It would be nice to have those on the unit as well as the remote.

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