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Delta Unisaw (2003)

Delta Unisaw (model 36-841; Limited Edition, Right Tilt, 3HP, 52" Unifence):

  • Unifence (stays accurate, long fence, adjustable fore/aft, tall & short faces).
  • Right tilt. The rip fence tape measure is always accurate regardless of the blade thickness (unlike a left tilt) - very important to me because I use dado blades often. The motor cover is on the right side of the saw cabinet which allows me to add a sliding table to the left side of the saw as a potential future upgrade. The much discussed and thoroughly overblown safety issues with bevel rips are easily addressed by moving the fence to the left of the blade on the rare occasion I need to make such cuts.
  • 2 wrench blade changes. Much improved and safer than the "single wrench with wood block" method. It's amazing how such a simple upgrade can be so useful.
  • 2 cast iron wings provide large flat stable saw top.
  • All cast iron and fence table sufaces were well within Delta's tolerances for flatness.
  • Magnetic switch is a nice safety feature for power interruptions.
  • The switch is in a very convenient location. You can easily get to the on button when needed, but it's a recessed button to prevent inadvertant starting. The stop button is a large red mushroom that is very easy to push with your hip or leg while your hands are controlling the stock - but it takes enough effort such that it doesn't get tripped accidentally.
  • Plenty of built-in storage for accessories. There are brackets on the left of the cabinet for storing the rip fence or dado fence when not in use. There are convenient slots in the motor cover to store the arbor wrenches and rip fence. The shelf under the fence table is a great spot for your extra blades, tenoning jig, etc.
  • The footprint of the saw cabinet is actually smaller than a contractors saw because the motor is located inside the cabinet instead of hanging off the back.
  • Delta customer support is very helpful once you reach them.
  • Mobile base works amazingly well.
  • Quiet (compared to my old saws anyway).
  • Powerful. The saw hasn't bogged down on any cut no matter the wood type or thickness.
  • 52" capacity rip fence is great.
  • Extras with LE package (blade, table board, shelf, 2 CI wings, ZCI, base, etc).
  • Woodworker's Supply was very helpful.
  • Delivery was great. The saw was delivered on a flat bed with a lift gate. The driver brough the saw off the truck and rolled it all the way into my garage.
  • Packed securely - no shipping damage.
  • Solid, sturdy. Built like a tank. I expect this to last longer than me.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Dust collection works fairly well.
  • Excellent manual with clear instructions.
  • Reaching Delta customer support (wait on hold and then wait for a call-back).
  • Unifence tall face was slightly crowned and was replaced by Delta at not charge.
  • The caster on the mobile base not in the correct position and was interfering with the shelf. I had to drill new holes & remount.
  • The saw was backordered for a week (the wait was killing me).

    PDF Instruction Manual
    PDF Parts List

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