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Excalibur Overarm Blade Guard (2004)

  • Good dust collection.
  • Makes the tablesaw safer to use.
  • Works as advertized.
  • Made in canada.
  • Solid construction. It's amazing how the horizontal tube barely sags over such a large span.
  • Packed securely - no shipping damage.
  • Easy to remove when space is needed on the tablesaw extension table.
  • Instructions are not clear in parts. Could use more pics/illustrations.
  • Had to "rig" for installing to my saw w/ mobile base.
  • Have to get used to using (sorta gets in way, hood needs to be adjusted, etc).
  • Expensive ($359 from Amazon w/ no tax & free shipping).
  • Recommended install location will not work with splitters - had to shift rearward.

A closer view of the hood:

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