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Devilbiss 5 Hp 20 Gal Oil-Lube Compressor (2000)

Devilbiss ProAir 20Gal 5HP oil-lube cast iron sleeved compressor. I wanted to stay away from an oil-less compressor because of the noise levels and reliability problems. This model was on sale one week at Home Depot, so I grabbed it without much research at all. Not like me at all - I usually drive myself and my wife nuts with comparison shopping and exhausting Web research before I make a purchase.

This compressor has served me well. Not problems at all. Only need to check the oil level every few months and drain the tank of condensate ever so often - but this is to be expected. As most people who buy compressors, I've found myself using air for more than I bargained - air tools of all kinds, spray finishing, blowing off dust, inflating tires, inflating kiddie pools, inflating air matresses when we're invaded with company, etc, etc.

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