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Delta 18/36 drum sander (2004)

I purchased this drum sander used in 2004. After lusting after a drum sander for many years I finally found a used one in good shape. The sander has been a fantastic addition to the shop.


  • Heavy. Rock solid. Keeps vibration and noise to a minimum.
  • Capacity. 18" in single pass, 36" in two passes. I've run wide glue-ups (table tops, etc) through in two passes and have had no problems with ridges in the middle.
  • Quiet. The induction motor and large mass keeps the noise to a reasonable level. When it's sanding wood the paper makes unavoidable noise, but at "idle" it's very quiet.
  • Adjustable table conveyor speed.
  • Powerful.
  • Smooth finished surfaces
  • Easy paper changes.
  • Rolls around easy on shop made mobile base (from the previous owner).
  • Effective dust colletion.


  • Heavy. Was a challenge getting into the basement.
  • Large. Since it's a floor-standing tool I had to make a permanent home for it in a modest sized shop.
  • Dust collector is required. This isn't a problem for me since I have an effective DC system, but don't even consider running this thing without one.
  • Sandpaper is not cheap. A package of 4 replacement rolls (of one grit) costs $25 to $30.

This machine performs very well, but don't expect it to perform the same tasks as a planer/thicknesser. With light passes you'll get great results.

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