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Previous Tablesaw: Jet 10” Contractor Saw (1997)

This was my review of the Jet contractor saw before I sold it and purchased a Unisaw: (note the ironic last sentence….)

The A-number-one choice for most woodworkers is the tablesaw. It's certainly the most versatile tool for the work that I do. It was one of the first quality tools I purchased - after things like cordless drills, circular saws, etc.

The saw above, the Jet jwts-10, is actually the third table saw I've owned. This tool was where I learned the lesson that most woodworkers who stick with the hobby are eventually introduced to - buy the best tool the first time I started with a benchtop 10" Delta, then moved "up" to a Ryobi BT3000, then finally exchanged the Ryobi for the Jet above. It's not quite top of the line, but I couldn't then and still can't now justify the cost of a cabinet saw.

This saw serves my needs very well. I've cut plenty of 8-quarter hardwood without any hesitation. I have kept the stock Jet Fence (although I've often eyed a Beis or Unifence), but added a link belt, router table extension wing, a high-tech trash bag dust collection system, and a mobile base. I honestly try to use the guard as often as possible, but often find myself "forgetting" to install it and cursing it when it is installed.

Maybe when I can devote 40 hrs/week to woodworking I'd think about a PM66 or Unisaw, but for my current use this saw is just about perfect.

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