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Kobalt 3.7 Hp 60 Gal Oil-Lube Compressor (2007)

Kobalt Air Compressoor

Kobalt 3.7 Hp 60 gallon oil-lubed compressor with a full cast iron pump. 

13.4 SCFM @ 40 PSI
11.5 SCFM @ 90 PSI
155 maximum PSI
3.7 running HP
Cast-iron, oil-lubricated, belt-drive pump
Heavy-duty induction motor
3-year limited warranty
Quiet-running 76dB sound level
Made by Coleman Powermate in the USA.
Lowes Item #: 138336, Model: KLA3706056

I got this compressor as an upgrade from my previous unit for Christmas of 2007 from my family (thanks - you guys rock!).  I found this on a holiday sale for $299 ($100 off), and with a 10% off coupon and several gift cards I brought it home for under $200.  Wow - awesome deal!  Plus on paper at least it's best in it's class (at the time of purchase anyway) for air delivery and low noise.

In addition to the normal stuff (air nailers, impact gun, spraying finish, etc) I blow out my lawn sprinkler system in the fall and I recently acquired a compressed-air based vacuum chuck system for my lathe. The older 20 gallon unit cycles quite often for the vac chuck and it runs constantly for the sprinklers, so I've been casually looking for something that would deliver more air. I also inherited a DA-sander that requires more air than my 20-gal can deliver. This Kobalt about doubles the flow I currently have, and the bigger tank will help as well.

I took this as an opportunity to move the compressor out of my shop and into the garage to free up some shop space and (more importantly) get the noise out of the shop.  I had to run a new 220V feed from my subpanel up to the garage and also some copper air plumbing from the garage downstairs, but it was all fairly straightforward and in the end well worth the effort.

I've used this thing to blow out my sprinklers and have also sprayed a set of chairs and my wife's desk.  It supplies tons of air and has no trouble keeping up with any of these tasks.  It cycles  much less often than the old 20 gallon unit.  It's not very noisy for such a big monster, and even the kids don't mind playing in it's vicinity if it kicks on.  It's not really noticable in the house at all when it's running as long as the door to the garage is closed.

Overall I'm very happy with this compressor - especially for the bargain price that I took advantage of.  Highly recommended.

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