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Jet 6 Closed Stand Jointer (1997ish)

Another Jet tool. Anyone see a common theme here?

This tool was purchased as a floor model when Lowes was phasing over to the new Jet "Shop-Line" models. It was fairly beaten up and required much clean up and adjustment. A few calls to Jet customer service convinced me that Jet has the right attitude when it comes to customer satisfaction. They sent me without hesitation an entire new fence assembly, new hand cranks, and other miscellaneous parts. I learned the hard way about jointer construction when I had it in what seemed like 500 pieces on my bench. I can now talk in painful detail about table alignment, gib adjustment, fence adjustment, knife nstallation, etc.

This jointer has performed well over the years. Ive purchaed a JointerPal to help set the knives, and this jig makes the process fairly easy and accurate. Ive moved houses twice with this saw, and the movers never fail to lift the jointer from the end of the tables (they certainly are convenient to grab hold of). After both moves I had to do a fairly thorough realignment of the tables with included tweaking the gibs. Other than those understandable retunings the jointer has held alignment extremely well.

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