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Delta Removable Splitter (2004)


  • Allows for safer usage of the tablesaw. Helps prevent kickbacks.
  • Works as advertized. Prevents boards from twisting onto the back end of the saw blade.
  • The price is very reasonable (~$40 from Delta).
  • Supports an American company (not sure if this piece is made in the USA or not).
  • Installation instructions very clear
  • Easy & quick to install/remove
  • Sturdy - hard to bend


  • Had to search web for instructions
  • The kickback prawls are sharp and sometimes get in the way. Iím not sure if I'll keep them or not.

    Bottom Line:

  • <lecture mode on> If you arenít using a splitter because yours is a PITA buy this one. And use it. Always. <lecture mode off>

Click here for a link to an article from Fine Woodworking where they reviewed this an other splitters.

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