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Dewalt 733 “Portable” Planer (1998)

Dewalt DW733. Christmas present from SWMBO and family in 1998. Have planed many board feet of pine, white oak, red oak, cherry, cedar, hard maple, soft maple, and several exotics with generally excellent results.

I don't have any major complaints with this tool. It's advertised as being "snipe free", and that's mostly true. Depending how hard you look and how picky you are you'll notice some minor snipe that can be easily sanded out. I haven't used the turret depth stops at all, and I rarely look at the depth scale for anything but a rough starting point. All thicknesses are measured with calipers. The hand crank does has a nice feature of being calibrated for a certain depth per full revolution. This makes it handy for approaching final thicknesses - if you need another 1/64" off, you know that's only a quarter crank away

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