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Shop Projects and Jigs

As you build your workshop you'll need effective ways to organize your "stuff", and home-made shop furniture is one of the best ways to satisfy this need. Not only do you get to practice techniques necessary for your "real" projects, but you can build custom designed pieces to meet your requirements as no purchased item can. It's also inevitable that you'll occasionally need to make a jig to complete a project from time to time. In the links below you can view some of the shop projects and jigs that I've tackled.

Dust Collection

Dust Collection System

Blast Gates

Dust Collection Hoods


Jigs & Fixtures

Cutoff Sled


Shooting Board / Bench Hook

Tool Handles

Turned Mallets

Zero Clearance Inserts

Shop Furniture

Drill Bit Storage Cabinet

Outfeed Bench  

Outfeed-Downdraft-Assembly Table

Router Table

Sharpening Station

*** Twin Twin Bench ***

Using the TwinTwin Bench

Utility Benches - V1

Utiliity Benches - V2

Shop Storage

Card Scraper Stand

Clamp Storage Racks

Dovetail Jig Storage

Hand Tool Storage

Lathe Work Area & Tool Storage 

Pegboard Storage

Saw Blade Storage

Wood Storage

How To....

1236 Lathe Minimum Speed Mod

Make Hand-Cut Through Dovetails

Enjoy exploring, and feel free to provide feedback via email!

Last revised: 11/25/09

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