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Sawbuck (2006)

For a while now I've wanted something to help make processing logs into bowl blanks safer and easier on my back.  I searched for sawbucks on line to get a feel for what other folks have done and I ran across Dave Peebles' sawbuck on his website (link).

I didn't want to use humongo 6x8 timbers like Dave did, so I downsized his design a bit and ended up with this:



The top two members are 3' sections of 4x4, the legs are 2' sections of 2x4 set at a 20 degree splay, and the crossmembers are short sections of a 2x4 let into the legs.  It took less than an hour to throw together and about $10 in pressure treated lumber.

These pics are from the first time I used it to process a bunch of bowl blanks, and it REALLY saved my back. Plus it holds the logs very securely. I'm very glad I built this.

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