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Leigh D4 Dovetail Jig Storage Box (2006)

My Leigh D4 Dovetail jig has been sitting on the top shelf of a cabinet for many years. Since it's so large and such an odd shape it's tough to find a good spot for it. A few years ago when I was working out of a garage shop the jig actually fell off the shelf and hit my wife in the head. She broke one of the plastic handles but other than that the jig is fine. ;-)

So I finally built a storage box out of scrap 1/2" ply. The jig is big and not exactly light, so I didn't want to make it any heavier than necessary.

The jig sits on top of the box when in use, and it's great to have it raised up a bit so that I'm not bending over so much to see where I'm routing. For storge it slides onto wooden blocks and the front board clips on with a snap hinge.

I can now keep everything stored in one place (the jig, the manual, wrenches, test boards, etc), and it fits perfectly under my bench for storage. No more hitting the wife on the head! :-)

Copyright 2006 Chris Billman