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Jet 1236 Low Speed Modification (2005)

I've heard of people adding another low speed detent to the Jet 1236 lathe (and/or the HF clone), but I never got around to doing it on mine. I recently dug out a tachometer to measure the exact speeds of each of the 6 factory speed settings, and much to my surprise the lowest factory speed is ~700 rpm.

So I took the drive head apart and figured out how to add another low speed detent. There was always some extra play below the lowest detent, so drilling another hole was a piece of cake.

I've now got a 7th speed setting that gets me down to a little under 500 rpm. Neat mod that will be useful for roughing bowl blanks and other things.

So if you haven't already done this, drill yourself a new low speed hole. It's easy, and here's how:

First, make sure you're able to move the handle to a lower speed than the slowest available. It won't lock in, but you should be able to slow it down. We'll drill a new hole to provide a lock/detent.

Remove the 2 screws that attach the speed handle assembly:

Pull the handle assembly straight out of the lathe headstock:

Here's what you should have:

Loosen the 4mm set screw:

And pull the handle assembly apart. The pin on the right doodad engages with the holes in the left doodad:

Drill one new hole at the low speed end of the disk. Make sure you drill the same size hole and make sure it's in the same arc as the other holes. Space it equal or a tad closer than the existing holes:

Reassemble the speed handle and put it back on the lathe. Done!

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