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Bit Storage Cabinet (1997)

I wanted to have a place to keep all my drill bits in one place and free from dust. They needed to be easily accessible and stored in an organized manner. So here's what I came up with:

I made this out of scraps I had laying around the shop. The cabinet is pine and " ply for the back, and the door panel is plexiglass. The door is mounted with 35mm euro hinged that provide a wide swing for the door and good adjustability. This was the first time I had used that style hinge, so I wanted to use this shop project as a test case.

It's nice being able to see the bits through the plexi, and the cabinet does a good job of keeping them dust free and orgainzed. I keep all my drill bits here (twist, forstner, spade, taps, countersinks, plug cutters, circle cutters, etc) and have it hung right next to the drill press for easy access. Great shop project.

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