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Turned Ornaments (2006)

I've found a use for some of the scraps from bowl blanks - birdhouse Christmas tree ornaments. Got the idea from a recent "how to" article on line (link - pdf file), and spent some time this weekend working on a few.

Wood is sugar maple, spalted maple, walnut, and cherry. Finish is shellac and wax, and the red roof was colored with an artist's marker (didn't feel like paying for a bottle of dye, and the marker worked great). Never in my life did I think I'd be in Michael's looking through their selection of wee little fake birds (or "birdies" as my two year old says).....

Update 12/28/2006:
Here is my latest (and probably final for a while) batch of birdhouse ornaments:
BirdhouseOrnaments2a.jpg BirdhouseOrnaments2b.jpg

Woods are walnut, cherry, spalted maple, sugar maple, and mystery wood. Finish is either shellac/wax or danish oil. My apologies for the poor pic exposures, but I don't feel like re-shooting them so these will have to do.

These are a great use of leftover chunks from other turning blanks.

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