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Misc Shelving Units (2005)

Nursery Closet Shelves:
I built this simple plywood shelving unit for the closet in our nursery. Overall size is 58" x 32" x 15". It was made from birch plywood, with poplar shelf stiffeners and a maple screw ledger. Construction is about as simple as it gets - glue and pocket screw joinery. It took longer to drill all the adjustable shelf holes than anything else. It's nice to knock out a couple utilitarian projects like this in between more complicated furniture pieces.

Here it is prior to finishing and installation:

And here is a pic after it was painted white and installed in the closet:

Scrapbook Station Shelves:
This is another simple plywood shelving unit made for my wife's scrapbook work area. It's also made from birch ply and painted white. Same construction as above - glue and pocket screw joinery. I borrowed a friend's Veritas shelf hole drilling jig to use on this project, and that really made the shelf holes go much quicker and easier.

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