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Shaker Plant Stands (1996 and 2003)

These pieces were commissioned for a friend in Pennsylvania in 1996. These pictures are the only evidence I have they were even built! The design was a unique mix of a Norm Abram project from "The New Yankee Workshop" and a similar piece we found at a lodge in central PA. I'm very happy with the outcome (and so was the customer).

These pine pieces were finished with a oil polyurethane because of their anticipated hard use. I fell in love with the color that the straight oil poly adds to the pine. At that point I had tried several times to stain pine and had no success. This simple finish is one of my favorites to date. It's definately become my standard pine finish.

Here is a piece from the same jigs that was build for my mother in 2003.This taught me that keeping old jigs around is not a waste of space I saved a bunch of time making a duplicate stand years later.

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