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Shaker Bedside Table (1997)

This isn't the greatest picture in the world, but you get the point. This piece was built from Norm Abram's plans from his TV series "The New Yankee Workshop". This piece is incredible - people seem to love it. The proportions are great and the design is elegant in that "Shaker" way. I've built four of these pieces to date.

This joins several other Shaker pieces in a bedroom my wife decorated in that style. Although I'd choose a different finish had I to do it over, I'm fairly happy with all these pieces. Here’s one of the tables circa 1997:

This was one of my first furniture projects. There are many things I'm embarrased about, but in general they're things only I can find. It's true when people say that a major part of woodworking is cleverly hiding your mistakes. There are one or two on these pieces.

I also built a set of these tables on comission a year or so later. The customers were very happy and are still using the tables.

Here is the same piece in 2003. You can really tell that the pine is darkening nicely with age. The picture is a bit better also:

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