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Media Cabinets (2001)

These cabinets were built to appear "built in" on either side of a fireplace in the family room of our previous house. They were sized to fit exactly between the fireplace and the wall, but I didn't permanently install them in case we moved. Well, we moved a few years later, and the cabinets were easy to remove and now live in the family room of our new house (as seen below).

Contruction is birch plywood for the case with maple face frame and doors. Finish is some Polyshades (ack!) color that LOML chose to match existing woodwork in the room. While I'm still no fan of Polyshades, I must admit that my previous experience with that product helped, and these pieces turned out quite acceptably. The only design change I'd make is to remove the toe kick and replace it with a more traditional base design - the toe kick doesn't seem to be needed functionally and it makes the cabinets a bit tippy when unsecured.

I made the interior drawers adjustable so that you can space them to store CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes (remember those??), etc and maximize the capacity. We originally used these to store or burgeoning DVD collection, but have since used these to house several hundred CD's. (Best Buy loves to see us walk in the door!)

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