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Framed Mirror (2006)

This is the third in a series of bedroom furniture for our youngest daughter (the first was a matching dresser, and the second was a pair of nightstands).

This project is of my own design, but it's built to match the theme of the other pieces in her room. Construction is cherry, and the finish is shellac and waterlox.

This was a straightforward project and it went quickly in spite of my limited shop time. The mirror is fairly large (30" x 36") so I used mortise and tenon joinery on the frame to support the heavy weight. Working with cherry is a thing of joy, but I could live without ever brushing a finish again. The finish looks fine in the end but it was quite a chore to deal with bubbles, fat edges, and a few dust specks - spraying is soooo much better.

I'm happy with this project, and it seems to fit in with the other pieces in her room well.

Copyright 2006 Chris Billman