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Cherry Blanket Chest (2006)

The blanket chest/toy box/hope chest for my daughter Maya is complete.

The lumber is air dried cherry with an aromatic cedar floor. The finish is shellac and waterlox. All dovetails on the chest and drawer are hand cut. The lid is attached with two brass hinges, and it's supported with a spring loaded lid stay to keep it from slamming shut. The drawer front was carefully cut out of the front panel to maintain the grain pattern. The general style of this piece matches the other furniture I've built for the nursery.

I'm fairly happy with this piece. The errors are minor and practically un-noticable, and even the finish came out nicely.

I realize many people won't like the drawer pulls. They're not my favorite either, but they match the other stuff in the nursery. I have a set of turned cherry pulls that Maya can use if she chooses in the future.

Here are a few more detail pictures:

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