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Magazine Rack / End Table (1996)

This piece was built because the end table I was using next to my favorite living room recliner was too large. The design is original and concentrated on small size and functionality. Magazines and books can be stored in the bottom section while the top is used to keep my remote, current book, drink, etc. It served its purpose well. It's functional and very small. In fact my only complaint is that it's a little too small. Overall we're happy, though.

This piece was finished with a stain/poly combo product - Minwax Polyshades. I would NOT recommend this finish and will NEVER use it again. Although if applied carefully it looks OK, it is very difficult to apply without runs and drips. And because the stain is integral with the poly, the runs are very obvious. In the end, this piece turned out acceptably, but not until it was well blessed.

The other comment on this project is the stability of the base. Since the footprint is so narrow (to save space) it's quite wobbly. If I build another of these I'll widen the base significantly to increase its stability. Live and learn!

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