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Laundry Room Wall Cabinets (2004)

These cabinets were built to maximize the storage in our laundry room. Instead of purchasing wall cabinets for the laundry from the builder of our home we decided to build and install them ourself.

Contruction is cherry plywood for the case with cherry face frame and doors. Pocket hole construction was used on the case, there is no back to the cabinets (to let the painted wall be seen inside), and they're hung with french cleats. Finish is a dark oil pigmented stain (custom mixed to match the other cabinets in the house) with sprayed lacquer and wax topcoat. The finish turned out really nicely - the lacquer was rubbed out to a satin sheen and the wax makes the piece very smooth to the hand.

SWMBO is very happy with the cabinets, and the storage space has been fully utilized already. Great project.

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