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Honey Locust Turned Hollow Form (6/21/2007)

This is the first finished piece in an upcoming series of turnings I'm working on for the University of Michigan Art Museum.  They're in the midst of a multi-million dollar expansion, and to make way for their new wing they had to clear out a bunch of old trees.  They've offered the wood to the turning clubs in Michigan so that we can turn pieces to be donated to the museum gift shop for sale.  The money will go back into the museum and each of our pieces will include a bio in case the customers are interested in other pieces of our work.

As a two time Penn State alumnus it's difficult to support UofM, but I'm enjoying turning the wood and I'm looking forward to viewing the newly expanded museum.

Here's the Hollow Form.  
4" tall in honey locust finished with antique oil:


I hope the museum is pleased with this piece, and I hope it brings them a few dollars.

By the way, the photo of this piece was done during a "how to photograph your woodworking projects" seminar I gave at the June meeting of the Southeast Michigan Woodworkers.  I was demonstrating all the techniques with my Canon DSLR, then aftewords one of the members asked if I could show how it could be done with a point and shoot camera.  So I pulled out my old Sony 5mp point and shoot and fired off this pic.  After a few tweaks with Photoshop Elements I actually think it turned out better than the DSLR image.  I was rushing a bit with the DSLR, but it just goes to show that you don't need a fancy expensive camera to take decent product photos.

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