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Spalted Maple Turned Enclosed Form Bowl (10/3/2006)

I took a one-day bowl turning class with David Marks (yes, that, David Marks from the TV show) at one of my local Woodcraft stores. I had a good time, was pleased to meet Mr Marks, and ended up turning a decent bowl.

Here is the end result (ambrosia maple, roughly 7" dia x 3.25" tall, buffed danish oil): 

This was my first enclosed form, and it turned out to be a good intro to hollowing tools since there was a clear view of the tool and DJM was there with pointers. It gave me enough confidence with the tools to try a hollow form with a small opening next.

A couple people from my local woodworking club have posted some other pics of the class. If you're interested you can check them out here: link.

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