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Turned Bowls (2003,4)

I'm a horrible turner - there, I admit it! I have a lot to learn, but I can understand why many people find lathe work so intriguing. It's almost magical to see a bowl or spindle or pen or ?? appear from a rough blank.

I tend to take on a small project or two in between larger scale furniture projects. Things like boxes, pens, small gifts, and now turned bowls have provided some relief from the seriousness of furniture. They provide a bit of a break from big projects, and allow me to gain or refine skills that can be applied to future furniture projects.

Here are a few examples of turned bowls that I've completed (with varying degrees of success):

I'll definately continue to develop my turning skills in the future. I have several logs ready to turn into bowl blanks, and I'd also like to attempt segmented bowls. Much to learn, but I'm enjoying every minute!

Some of my later (and better if I say so myself) bowls and similar turnings can be seen on this page. Check it out.

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