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Chris Billman's Gratuitous Galoot Pics

What's All This Stuff?:
Tools as art? Art as tools? I dunno, I'm no philosopher, but I kinda enjoy the looks of some of the more galootish tools. Stuff like hand planes, saws, and measuring devices look cool to my engineer-trained eye. So I thought I'd build a page with nothing but pics of some of the more artsy-fartsy tools in my inventory.

Click on any of the thumbnail pics below for a larger version. Enjoy!

Bench-Front Bench-Side Bench-SideOpen Bench Area Planes Veritas Large Shoulder Veritas Shaves Chisel Rack 2 LN Chisels Swiss Made Chisels Marples Chisels Marples Skew Chisels Bench-5 AllPlanes Bailey3 Bailey4 Bailey8 Bench_ToolCabinet Brace ChiselRack HinzePlane KnightCoffinIpe50 LNDTHandle LNSaws LV112 LV4 LVBlocks LVBUS LVLAJack LVLAJointer LVLAS LVMedShoulder LVScrub SquirrelTailBlock ToolCabinet ToolCabinet-Center ToolCabinet-Left ToolCabinet-Right Veritas 80 VeritasBUPlanes VeritasBUPlanes2 Holdfasts Router Plane Winding Sticks LatheToolRack PNSkewChisel Rasps ScraperHolder16 Screwdriver Sharp1 Sharp2 TurnedMallet TurnedMallet2

BTW, the thumbnails on this default page are pictures of tools that I currently own and use. I've also captured pics of a few of the tools I previously sold (since they were lookers too...), and you can see those pics by clicking here.

Last revised: 3/20/06

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